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Portion control is more than a dieting tactic - it’s a key to significantly reducing food waste.

3 Steps to Restrict Food Waste

Wasting food wastes [your] money and time as well as the efforts and energy of your team. Remember this when you throw it away. Take heart! Avoiding or reducing food waste is not that complicated once you get the hang of it.

Follow these steps to save money and resources.

  1. Take a Measured Approach

Use Store ‘N Pour for wine, liquor and mixed drinks. Make the entire service pack the foundation for your pouring and storing system at your restaurant or bar. Store ‘N Pour features a vented spout design and different colored caps that ease product identification and reduce waste. Carlisle drinkware will ensure you serve the right portion elegantly. You will find attractive pitchers, glasses and coffee mugs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  1. Plan Wisely Before You Cook

Most adults eat around 600 grams of food in a meal. You may be preparing more food than your customers are going to eat. To avoid this, consider cooking 30% less. Or continue to make more ahead of time and safely store for later use with StorPlus food pans.

  1. Be a Miser with Your Ingredients

Minimize wasting ingredients from heaped spoonful's, using Measure Misers in your commercial kitchens and restaurants. These are portion control spoons that come in different sizes and colours where each colour is a different size. This makes recognition easy and portioning exact.

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